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About Branwens Kitchen

Taste the fruit and not the sugar

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Enjoy a different way of jam and marmalade making

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400g of sugar instead of 2kg for a kilo of Seville Oranges

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Branwen as a jam and marmalade maker

( She has over 35 years experience)

  • Is an active member of a local Women's Institute.
  • Sells jams and marmalades at  a local Country Market.
  • Has attended jam making courses and entered competitions galore.
  • Has shelves full of recipe books.


Using Pomonas Universal Pectin  

has tranformed her preserve making!

  She takes pleasure adding much less sugar,
  She loves the sensational taste of the fruit,
  She  finds the method so easy

and finds its so useful to be able to  make  small or larger batches.

Gone are the jam pans, saucers and thermometers, the steam and the stickiness.

Why the name?



was a Roman Goddess of fruitful

 abundance and charged with looking after the  orchards.

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