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Please double click here to read the instructions that come with each delivery of Pomona's Universal Pectin.

Watch a video clip demonstrating the method of using Pomona's Universal Pectin by clicking the arrow below.

Pomonas Pectin is made from low methoxyl citrus pectin.

It contains no sugar or preservatives.

Its is gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet.

The pectin is activated by calcium that is in or added to the fruit.

Full website support and recipes available. see

Branwen's thoughts that might help UK users.

The  recipes on the leaflet are in American cups. In the cookery book 'Preserving with Pomonas Pectin' they are in metric.The  conversion from cups to metric  is easy to do as for example  one cup is 238ml.

In the demonstration Connie uses 2 part lids.The method works with new one piece lids, initially fastened to finger tight.

No fresh fruit available ? This recipe works

well with the frozen mixed fruit that is available in most UK supermarkets