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To order a starter box of Pomona's Universal Pectin ( 28g ) please email us your name, address and telephone number.

We will call you back and take a card payment over the phone for same day posting.


You can ring and pay by card.


You can transfer electronically  with on line banking to

Sort code 08-92-88  01428953 Ref PUP


By cheque payable to B.Farbrother.

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£ 7.00

(inc £2 postage and packing UK)


  This is enough pectin for

3- kg of fruit for marmalade making and

4 kg fruit for jam making


To order the 226g size bag of Pomona's Universal Pectin please see above.


Delivery is by Royal Mail and the box will fit through your letterbox.

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£ 32.00

(inc £3 postage and packing UK)


This is enough pectin for approximaetely 23-35 kg of fruit for Jam or marmalade

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